Thrive With Your Family: Returning to “Normal”

June 10, 2020 2:00 PM

Experts discuss feeling comfortable resuming everyday activities, dealing with lasting effects of social isolation and making the best out of future school plans.

A nationally recognized panel of Michigan Medicine specialists tackle stressors, concerns and difficulties families face in the ever-changing environment of the current global pandemic. With candid conversations on parenting, the group addresses child behavior, mental health and relationships. Find all the episodes here.

Over the course of the past eight weeks, Michigan Medicine experts have provided emotional support, coping strategies and resources for a range of stressors and difficulties families faced during the COVID-19 Stay-at-Home order. Now, as businesses and services start to open back up, Thrive With Your Family panelists discuss their final thoughts on returning to “normal.”

Themes covered in the final episode include:

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  • How to feel comfortable as businesses and services start to open back up (5:23)

  • How to deal with lasting effects social isolation may have on children (20:46)

  • How to make the best out of future school learning paths paired with continued work demands (33:04)

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