Golden Oldies: 5 Health Stories You Should Still Read

May 04, 2021 10:15 AM

Although the blog has covered countless topics, readers continue to show some classics, even years later, remain relevant as ever.

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As with any anniversary, a trip down memory lane is necessary, if not required. After digging through troves of articles over the past five years, ranging from wellness and prevention and lifestyle pieces to health management and more, some reader favorites were hard to ignore.

No matter the publish date, the following five pieces remain heavily searched for on the blog’s site and continue to be relevant even today—from handy everyday health tips to potentially life-saving information.

Scroll through the list below, and be ready to bookmark a few:

1. 10 Ways to Stop a Bloody Nose

No matter when or how your nose starts bleeding, these simple strategies can help.

2. 4 Ways to Stop Digestive Discomfort After a Supersized Meal

Skip the bellyache after your next big meal with these quick fixes.

person laying down with needle in eye from surgeon

3. Pros and Cons of LASIK: Are the Risks Worth the Cost?

What an ophthalmologist tells those considering the procedure.

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4. What Are Septic Shock and Sepsis? The Facts Behind These Deadly Conditions

Despite their grave consequences, fewer than half of Americans know what they mean. Here's what you need to know.

woman holding her chest in park with one hand sitting on park bench

5. How to Tell the Difference Between a Heart Attack and a Panic Attack

Your heart is racing. You feel a pain in your chest. Are you having a heart attack or a panic attack? An emergency medicine doctor says this is what to look for, and when to get help.