The Visuals Behind the Stories

May 04, 2021 4:43 PM

Look through 5 of the most eye-catching images and videos that helped define some of the Michigan Health blog articles over the last five years.

collage of top pictures of a little bou with glasses, twi girls, a person standing an umbrella, kids playing a game and staff all together in hospital room with patient during COVID
Michigan Medicine

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While articles rely heavily on a writer and an interviewee to shape the story, they also require another key element that help bring them to life: a compelling visual.

Since the Michigan Health blog launched in 2016, not only has the platform covered a variety of gripping patient stories, informative health pieces and more, but it also provided captivating videos, photos and graphics to depict each one.

To help celebrate the blog's fifth anniversary, we're looking back at over 1,500 articles and highlighting five in particular that are worth another look (along with a bonus Editor's Pick at the end):

eye exam close up young boy

1. 7-Year-Old Receives New FDA-Approved Retina Gene Therapy

University of Michigan’s Kellogg Eye Center is one of just 10 centers in the country to offer Luxturna, a new treatment that hopes to slow the progression of rare genetic eye disease and prevent blindness. Here, Zion Grant and his parents talk about being enrolled in the clinical trial that may change the trajectory of his disease so that he won’t sustain significant vision loss as he grows.

2. Pokémon Go Makes Children’s Hospital ‘More of a Magical Place’ for Patients

A phenomenon that took over the summer of 2016 brought to life a magical fantasy world for fans of Pokémon, including for patients at C.S. Mott Children’s Hospital.

It proved to be an effective tool for Mott’s child life and occupational therapists to get their young patients up and moving, sparking joy and excitement, dethatching, even for a few moments, many from their medical diagnosis or fear of the hospital.

umbrella covering another person in yellow and blue

3. Buying Your Own Health Insurance Just Got a Lot Less Expensive

The ray of light that breaks the rain is exactly the feeling of hope when you read about affordable health insurance being made available to more people in this country.

4. Michigan Medicine Team Separates Conjoined Twins at C.S. Mott Children’s Hospital

Infant sisters, born attached at the chest and abdomen, underwent a complex 11-hour surgery involving more than two dozen specialists. The result? A video that will bring you tears of joy.

michigan medicine staff geared up in covid protection around patient

5. Treating One of Their Own: COVID-19 Breaks Myth of Invincibility for Hospital Doctors

Two hospitalists felt a sense of duty and pride volunteering to take care of the sickest patients with COVID-19. But when a fellow critical care doctor became one of their sickest patients, it opened their eyes to everything they were risking. The imagery captured here portrays the real-life valiant efforts care providers gave, and continue to give, to countless patients who required their bravery and expertise in their desperate time of need.

foster mother at home with two kids one in a bed and one in a wheelchair

Editor’s pick: 

Lessons in Love for Jimmy

Sylvia Morris has cared for over 200 foster children, many who arrived to her and her husband’s home with significant mental and physical developmental needs. Working with Michigan Medicine to provide these children and adults with expert medical care, Simon Glynn, M.D., a neurologist at Michigan Medicine, who works closely with Morris for patient visits, shares more about the selfless, nurturing caregiver that is Sylvia Morris.