COVID-19 Coverage

October 15, 2021 5:00 AM

The latest stories from the Michigan Health and the Michigan Health Lab on the coronavirus outbreak.

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This article was updated on October 15, 2021.

Editor’s note: Information on the COVID-19 crisis is constantly changing. For the latest numbers and updates, keep checking the CDC’s website. For the most up-to-date information from Michigan Medicine, visit the hospital's Coronavirus (COVID-19) webpage

COVID-19 advice from experts:

  1. 6 tips for quality sleep after going back to the workplace
  2. What the Delta variant means for COVID-19 spread and vaccines
  3. Coping with Anxiety as Mask Mandates Lift
  4. If I’m Immunocompromised, Should I Keep Wearing My Mask Once I’m Vaccinated?
  5. Stop Procrastinating on These Key Health Checks
  6. Who Has a Right to Ask if You’re Vaccinated?
  7. Confused About What to Do After a COVID Exposure? Start Here
  8. So You Got Vaccinated Against COVID-19. Now What?
  9. Watching the Big Dance? 4 Ways to Celebrate March Madness Safely
  10. Wanting the Pandemic to be Over is Not Enough
  11. COVID and the Heart
  12. 12 Mental Health Tips as Life Gets 'Back to Normal'
  13. Your Smartphone Can Help Fight COVID. Here’s How.
  14. 10 Pandemic Tips for Older Adults (and the People Who Love Them)
  15. A Caregiver Check-In
  16. Overcoming COVID-19 Vaccine Hesitancy
  17. 10 Expert COVID-19 Tips to Follow in 2021
  18. What Do New SARS-CoV-2 Mutations Mean?
  19. COVID-19 Variants: What Do New Mutations to SARS-CoV-2 Mean?
  20. It’s Time To Make the Most of Masks. Here’s 11 Ways To Do It
  21. From Pandemic to Purpose
  22. How to Search for COVID-19 Information Online
  23. The First Vaccines for COVID-19: What We Know So Far
  24. How to Protect Your Mental and Physical Health This Holiday Season
  25. 4 Mask Myths That Put You at Risk
  26. 4 Strategies for Staying Healthy in a Quarantined World
  27. 5 Ways to Reduce Hearing Damage
  28. 5 Ways to Manage Your Mental Health During COVID-19
  29. 6 Ways to Relieve Your Work from Home Fatigue
  30. 14 Things to Do If Someone You Live With Has COVID-19
  31. Cooking at Home While Social Distancing
  32. Coping and Hoping: Mental Health Tips for Trying Times
  33. Don’t Ignore a Heart Attack, Even During a Pandemic
  34. Everyone vs. COVID-19: How You Can Help Science Make Progress
  35. Fear Can Spread From Person to Person Faster Than the Coronavirus
  36. Flattening the Curve for COVID-19: What Does It Mean and How Can You Help?
  37. Feeling Helpless About the Coronavirus? 11 Things You Can Do
  38. Feeling Stressed or Down in a World with COVID? Try This Writing Tool
  39. Feeling Helpless as the Pandemic Continues? 26 Things You Can Do to Help
  40. Hail to the Handwashers! A Musical Guide to Handwashing
  41. How to Keep COVID-19 From Invading Your “Pod” – and How to Stay Safe if It Does
  42. How to Care for Someone with COVID-19
  43. How to Have a Safe Holiday Season During the COVID-19 Pandemic
  44. How to Prepare for COVID-19
  45. How the Timing of Light Exposure Could Be Affecting Your Health
  46. Home Workspace Causing Back and Neck Pain? Try This
  47. Is it Safe to Travel in the Age of COVID-19?
  48. Is Stress from COVID-19 Upsetting Your Stomach? 7 Self Comfort Tips to Try
  49. Need to Get Out of the House? Give Blood – It’s Needed More Than Ever
  50. Pandemic Hitting You in the Wallet? How to Find Health Coverage or Low-Cost Medical Help
  51. Rehabilitation Care is Needed for Many COVID-19 Patients
  52. Should We Worry About COVID-19 Reinfection?
  53. Staying in Motion While Staying Put
  54. Staying Summer Safe During the Pandemic
  55. The COVID-19 Curve has Unflattened Fast. Now What?
  56. The Curve is Fattening, Not Flattening. What Can We Do?
  57. Using Music in Times of Anxiety
  58. Viruses Live on Doorknobs and Phones and Can Get You Sick – Smart Cleaning and Good Habits Can Help Protect You
  59. Vaccine Q&A: From Flu to COVID-19, Everything You Need to Know
  60. Why You Shouldn’t Delay Emergency Care During COVID-19
  61. Why You Should Continue Routine Cancer Screenings During COVID-19​​​​​
  62. With the COVID-19 Curve Flattening, It's Time to Prevent a Second Peak
  63. Yes, You Should Wear a Mask. Here’s How and Why
  64. Confused About the Latest Mask Rules? Read This

COVID-19 background and past pandemics:

  1. COVID-19 variants explained
  2. People Gave Up on Flu Pandemic Measures a Century Ago When They Tired of Them – and Paid a Price
  3. What Will Future Historians Say About COVID-19?
  4. 12 Things Science Taught Us About COVID-19 This Past Year
  5. Why Do Contagious Diseases Evade Eradication?
  6. 100 Years of Stopping Contagion with Science
  7. COVID-19 Through the Lens of Basic Science
  8. How Quickly Does Coronavirus Spread?
  9. How Scientists Quantify the Intensity of an Outbreak Like COVID-19
  10. Lessons From the 1918 Pandemic: A U.S. City’s Past May Hold Clues
  11. Mask Resistance During a Pandemic Isn’t New – in 1918 Many Americans Were ‘Slackers’
  12. The 2019 Novel Coronavirus: Should You Be Worried?
  13. Updated Information on COVID-19: What Can You Do to Protect Against Coronavirus

COVID-19 and medical professionals:

  1. ‘Seizing a disruptive opportunity’ to improve gender equity in medicine
  2. Majority of older adults say health care workers should have to get COVID-19 vaccine
  3. How can nursing homes protect residents from infection? Follow the research
  4. A new way for health science educators to connect
  5. Finding the rainbow in the storm: VA care for non-veterans with COVID-19
  6. When COVID Dealt Struggling Medical Students Another Blow, the Shield Fund Provided a Lifeline
  7. Teamwork saves lives: COVID-19 hospital network shares key lessons to improve care
  8. Virus is ‘Not Done with Us’: Latest COVID Wave Fills Beds, Hammers ER Workers
  9. Applying Extended Reality Technologies to Rounds
  10. Military Microbiologists With a Surprising Connection
  11. Leading the Way in Practical Treatment of COVID-19
  12. The Urgent Need for National Medical Education on Vaccine Hesitancy
  13. The Non-Veteran Experience at VA hospitals
  14. Healthcare Via Video: The New Normal?
  15. COVID-19 Becomes Focus of Medical Student’s CNN Internship
  16. The Alternative to a Doctor’s Office Visit Gains in Popularity During Pandemic
  17. How to Make Sure People Get the Second Dose of the COVID-19 Vaccine
  18. COVID-19 Deaths Really Are Different. But Best Practices for ICU Care Should Still Apply
  19. Anti-Racism and Dr. Susan Moore’s Legacy
  20. New Guides Offer Advice and Wisdom from COVID-19 Patients and Caregivers
  21. Primary Care in a Pandemic: Spotting Mental Health Needs During COVID and More
  22. Best Practices for Mechanical Ventilation in Patients with ARDS, COVID-19
  23. Should Medical Residency Interviews Be Capped?
  24. As More Doctors Get Drafted for COVID-19 Inpatient Care, a Trusted Reference Becomes Free
  25. During Pandemic, Medical Students Volunteer to Ensure No One Dies Alone
  26. Emergency Departments Across Michigan Collaborate on COVID-19 Response
  27. Health Care Workers Struggled With Mood, Sleep in First Months of COVID-19 Pandemic
  28. How the Old-Fashioned Telephone Could Become A New Way for Some to See Their Doctor
  29. How to Improve the Surgery Backlog During COVID-19
  30. Is COVID-19 Widening the Gender Gap in Academic Medicine?
  31. I'm a Family Doctor Fighting Against Fear and Struggling With Distancing While Trying to Keep My Patients Healthy
  32. Hospitals Can’t Get Back to Normal Without More Blood. Here Are 7 Ways You Can Help
  33. Outside Looking In: Hospital Visitor Rules Vary During Pandemic
  34. New Report Details Strategies for COVID-19 Critical Care Surge
  35. Nursing Homes Prepared for Pandemics, but COVID-19 Reveals Gaps
  36. Please Don’t (Need to) Use My Work
  37. Pivoting Critical Care Research to Help with the COVID-19 Pandemic
  38. Proactivity and Partnership Pay Off for Nursing Homes in a Pandemic
  39. Personalized Device Could Support Multiple COVID-19 Patients From Single Ventilator
  40. Redesigning Prenatal Care During the COVID-19 Pandemic
  41. Repurposed Industrial Respirator Could Free Ventilators for COVID-19 Patients
  42. Switching Gears at High Speed for Hospital COVID-19 Care
  43. The COVID-19 Heroes You Haven’t Met Yet: Behind the Scenes of a Pandemic
  44. Which Operations Can Restart First? New Guide Helps Hospitals Decide
  45. With COVID-19, Applying for Residency Could Look Different for Aspiring Doctors
  46. What Can Hospitals Do to Prepare for COVID-19 Cases?

COVID-19 and medical conditions:

  1. Immunocompromised people make up nearly half of COVID-19 breakthrough hospitalizations
  2. Call for Health Care Providers to Advocate for Disability Rights During COVID-19
  3. Online mental health intervention significantly helps the isolated, immunosuppressed during pandemic
  4. Pandemic Shows Essential Role of ECT Treatment for Severe Depression
  5. A Year-Long Sprint: Sanjay Gupta Reflects on Communications and the Pandemic
  6. 5 Reasons to Embrace At-Home Cardiac Rehab
  7. From birth control to mammograms, many women missed out on preventive care for all of 2020
  8. Helping Patients with COVID-19 Avoid Blood Clots
  9. Adapting Common Fall Sports for People with Disabilities
  10. App Calculates Risk of Delaying Cancer Care During Pandemic
  11. Are Organ Transplant Recipients at Greater Risk of Death from COVID-19?
  12. African Americans with Type 2 Diabetes, Kidney Disease at Higher Risk of COVID-19 Hospitalization
  13. Cardiac Rehab Motivation in the Midst of COVID-19
  14. Cancer vs. COVID: When a Pandemic Upended Cancer Care
  15. Getting Through a Pandemic When You Have a Mental Health Condition
  16. How Should Radiation Oncologists Manage Prostate Cancer Patients During the COVID-19 Pandemic?
  17. Weighing Risks and Benefits for Glaucoma Patients During COVID-19
  18. What to Know About COVID-19 if You Have Diabetes

COVID-19-related research:

  1. Black COVID patients: Less medical follow-up, longer return-to-work delays, more hospital readmissions
  2. Patients’ referral to primary care after COVID-19 hospitalization varied widely during the pandemic
  3. Pandemic took a toll on older people serving as caregivers for loved ones
  4. Short hospitalizations hit hard for COVID patients
  5. Pandemic tripled telehealth use for Gen Z, but even digital natives want in-person care
  6. Patients hospitalized for COVID could pay thousands of dollars, study suggests
  7. Nearly Half of COVID-19 Patients Left Hospital in Worse Physical Condition
  8. Nearly 3% of Americans Take Immune-Weakening Drugs that May Limit COVID Vaccine Response
  9. Researchers predict COVID baby boom
  10. Study: Hospitalizations for eating disorders spike among adolescents during COVID
  11. New Technology Predicts ICU Need for COVID-19 and General Ward Patients
  12. Novel autoantibody adds fuel to COVID-19 “firestorm” of inflammation, blood clots
  13. One-third of older Americans delayed health care over COVID concerns
  14. Poll finds risky drinking patterns in older adults during pandemic
  15. The pandemic may have increased older adults’ fall risk
  16. Study suggests need to screen older adults for mental health symptoms as pandemic continues
  17. Researchers Examine Impact of Telehealth Adoption Among Michigan Primary Care Providers Amid COVID-19 Pandemic
  18. Pandemic Worsened Many Older Adults’ Mental Health and Sleep, Poll Finds, But Long-Term Resilience Also Seen
  19. Researchers Examine Impact of Telehealth Adoption Among Michigan Primary Care Providers Amid COVID-19 Pandemic
  20. Cold is Gold for COVID-19 Scientists
  21. Costs, COVID-19 Risk and Delays Top Older Adults’ Concerns About Seeking Emergency Care
  22. Virtual Visits for New Surgery Patients Rose Quickly but Fell Sharply
  23. COVID-19 Antibody Tests, Even Rapid Finger Pricks, are Effective, New Study Finds
  24. As Insurers End Grace Period for COVID-19 Hospital Costs, Study Estimates Potential Bills
  25. Conquering COVID-19 Disparities Among Communities of Color
  26. One in 10 Older Adults Have Gotten a “Pandemic Pet,” Poll Finds
  27. Is it Safe to Perform CPR During the COVID-19 Pandemic?
  28. Indoors and Outdoors, COVID-19 Reveals Unequal Access
  29. Subset of COVID-19 Patients Have Increased Bleeding Risk
  30. Are Women Physicians Fairly Represented in the COVID-19 News Cycle?
  31. COVID Forced Psychiatric Care Online, and Many Patients Want It to Stay There, Study Finds
  32. 45% of Adults Over 65 Lack Online Medical Accounts, Which Could Affect COVID-19 Vaccination
  33. County by County, Study Shows Social Inequality in COVID-19’s Toll
  34. Racially Biased Oxygen Readings Could Be Putting Patients at Risk
  35. Concern About Loved Ones Might Motivate People to Mask Up and Get Vaccine
  36. COVID-19 Found in The Cornea: Are Transplants a Transmission Risk?
  37. From the Heart: Study Shows Impact of Social Media Appeals from COVID-19 Frontliners
  38. Similar Factors Cause Health Disparities in Cancer, COVID-19
  39. Using Machine Learning to Predict Which COVID-19 Patients Will Get Worse
  40. First 10 Days After Leaving Hospital Carry High Risk for COVID-19 Patients
  41. Many Families Unwilling to Skip Thanksgiving Gatherings During COVID-19
  42. Life After COVID-19 Hospitalization: Major Lasting Effects on Health, Work and More
  43. Are Digestive Issues a Symptom of COVID-19?
  44. COVID-19 Care is (Mostly) Free to Patients. Should Other Vital Care Be Too?
  45. Cardiac Arrest, Poor Survival Rates Common in Sickest Patients with COVID-19
  46. Discovering the Molecular Processes in Kidney Cells That Attract and Feed COVID-19
  47. Dying Alone During a Pandemic
  48. Even Before COVID-19, Many Adults Lacked Stable Food Supply
  49. Higher Levels of NETs in Blood Associated with More Severe COVID-19
  50. How Does COVID-19 Appear in the Lungs?
  51. Leveraging Prostate Cancer Research Against COVID-19
  52. Many Could Face Sky-High Surprise Bills from Air Ambulance Flights
  53. New Cause of COVID-19 Blood Clots Identified
  54. Real-Time Overdose Tracking Helps Show COVID-19’s Effects
  55. Telehealth Visits Skyrocket for Older Adults, but Concerns and Barriers Remain
  56. Too Many COVID-19 Patients Get Unneeded “Just in Case” Antibiotics
  57. What the SARS-CoV-2 Genome Reveals

COVID-19 vaccines, therapies, drugs and testing:

  1. Should you get a third dose of COVID vaccine?
  2. COVID vaccine reduces risk of severe illness in pregnant women, protects newborns
  3. ECMO offers sickest COVID patients a chance to survive, but a slimmer one than previously thought
  4. What will it take to get more of the U.S. vaccinated against COVID-19?
  5. Parents split on whether to vaccinate younger kids against COVID
  6. COVID-19 vaccine during pregnancy protects newborns
  7. COVID Vaccines and Kids: 20 Things to Know
  8. Concern about safety is main reason many Detroiters aren't getting vaccinated
  9. On the Fence about the COVID-19 Vaccines?
  10. What You Should Know About the Johnson & Johnson/Janssen Vaccine Pause
  11. Who Gets a Shot First?
  12. COVID Vaccines: Does it Matter Which One You Get?
  13. COVID Vaccines and Mammograms: What You Need To Know About Timing Your Imaging After Your Shot
  14. What Happens After You Get the COVID-19 Vaccine?
  15. Big Shift Seen in High-Risk Older Adults’ Attitudes Toward COVID-19 Vaccination
  16. Many Summer Camps Don’t Require Childhood Immunizations
  17. Flu Shot Associated With Fewer, Less Severe COVID Cases
  18. Should Pregnant and Breastfeeding Patients Get the COVID-19 Vaccine?
  19. Not Sure About the COVID-19 Vaccine? Get the Facts, Then Decide
  20. The First Vaccines for COVID-19: What We Know So Far
  21. Prostate Cancer Regulator Plays Role in COVID-19, Providing a Promising Treatment Lead
  22. COVID-19 Vaccine Trial Volunteers Explain Why They Signed Up
  23. COVID-19 Therapies: Where Are We?
  24. Over Half of Adults Over 50 Say They’ll Get Vaccinated Against COVID-19, but Many Will Want To Wait
  25. COVID-19: Behind the Scenes of Testing
  26. Chloroquine, Ibuprofen and Beyond: Doctors Discuss Latest Treatments, and Treatment Rumors, For COVID-19
  27. Drug That Calms ‘Cytokine Storm’ Associated with 45% Lower Risk of Dying among COVID-19 Patients on Ventilators
  28. Exploring a New Weapon Against COVID-19 Cytokine Storm
  29. ECMO: Last-Resort Life Support Option Helped Majority of Critically Ill COVID-19 Patients Survive, Global Study Shows
  30. Questions and Answers About COVID-19 Vaccine Clinical Trials
  31. Rates of Pulmonary Complications Drastically Reduced with Newer Drug
  32. The Top 5 COVID-19 Vaccine Candidates Explained
  33. The Pandemic Fight Over Plaquenil
  34. Two New Devices Protect Health Care Workers, Help Patients During COVID-19
  35. Testing the Deceased Could Provide Additional Surveillance Methods During Pandemic
  36. When Ventilators Don’t Help COVID-19 Patients, This Might
  37. Your ACE Inhibitor or ARB Medication: Is There a COVID-19 Connection?

COVID-19, kids and teens:

  1. 5 ways to reset your relationship with screens
  2. COVID influences families’ back to school worries
  3. Poll: How did COVID impact kids’ fast food habits?
  4. Back to school during the delta surge: 8 things parents should know
  5. 11 things to know about COVID vaccines and kids’ hearts
  6. Cutting through the confusion about kids, teens and COVID-19 exposures
  7. Kids gained excess weight during the pandemic
  8. Children’s mental health during the pandemic
  9. Long Haul COVID in Kids
  10. Antibiotic prescriptions for kids plummet during pandemic
  11. New prenatal care guidelines emerge from COVID
  12. New Data Could Inform Youth-Focused Pandemic Messaging
  13. 5 ways to reset your relationship with screens
  14. Children’s mental health during the pandemic
  15. How Parents Rate Youth Sports Teams on Managing COVID-19 Precautions
  16. 5 Ways to Get Young Kids to Wear Face Masks
  17. COVID Upticks Among Kids and Teens: What Parents Should Know
  18. The Forecast for COVID Vaccines for Kids
  19. MIS-C: The COVID-Related Condition Parents Need to Know About
  20. National Poll: Pandemic Negatively Impacted Teens’ Mental Health
  21. Returning to In-Person School During COVID-19
  22. How COVID-19 has Disrupted Children’s Dental Care
  23. Many Parents Say Teens With Anxiety, Depression May Benefit From Peer Confidants at School
  24. Screen Time, Emotional Health Among Parents’ Top Concerns for Kids in Pandemic
  25. Kids, Sports and COVID-19: 5 Steps for Parents to Follow
  26. 1 in 3 Parents Plan to Skip Flu Shots for Their Kids During COVID-19 Pandemic
  27. 5 Ways to Have a Safe Halloween During COVID-19
  28. 6 Ways to Support Children with Autism During the Pandemic
  29. 8 Ways to Help Teens Cope with Social Distancing Blues
  30. Coronavirus, Kids and School Closings
  31. How to Talk to Your Kids About COVID-19
  32. How to Prevent 7 Common Pediatric Injuries
  33. How to Support Children’s Emotional, Educational Needs while Remote Learning
  34. Helping Your Kids Overcome Stress-Related Sleep Disruption
  35. Making Back-to-School Decisions for Families with Underlying Health Conditions
  36. Stuck at Home? 6 Ways to Keep Your Kids Healthy and Happy
  37. Social Distancing with Kids
  38. Thrive With Your Family: Returning to “Normal”
  39. Thrive With Your Family: Having a Baby During a Pandemic
  40. Thrive With Your Family: Supporting Kids with Special Needs and Preventing Sibling Fights
  41. Thrive With Your Family: Teens and the Pandemic
  42. Thrive With Your Family: Supporting Kids With Chronic Diseases During COVID-19
  43. Thrive with Your Family: Processing Change
  44. Thrive with Your Family: Parental Self-Care, COVID-19 Anxiety and Managing Screen Time
  45. What Do Teens and Young Adults Need to Get Through the Pandemic? Survey Gives Insights
  46. Why the Relationship Between Kids and the Spread of COVID Remains Unclear
  47. What to Expect at Your Next Pediatric Appointment
  48. 10 reasons to put the COVID-19 vaccine on your back-to-school list

COVID-19 patient stories:

  1. When Art Therapy Goes Virtual
  2. Keeping afloat during the pandemic
  3. Getting a shot at life
  4. How the Pandemic Shaped One Man’s Cancer Journey
  5. A 1-year-old’s journey after severe COVID sickness
  6. A Pregnant Liver Transplant Recipient Conquers COVID-19
  7. One Nurse’s Journey Back to Health After COVID-19
  8. When COVID Strikes a Family
  9. One Year Later: Michigan Medicine’s First COVID-19 Patient
  10. Surgery Team Keeps Fighting to Save Veteran
  11. How One Caregiver Keeps his Dad Safe from COVID-19
  12. Finding Silver Linings and a Sense of Normalcy After COVID-19
  13. Liver Transplant Recipient Fights Off COVID-19
  14. Hospitalized Kids Enjoy Gaming Diversions Thanks to U-M Football Legends
  15. Giving Back After COVID-19
  16. 'A New Take on Life' After Recovering from COVID-19
  17. Avoiding Crowds is Nothing New for 10-Year-Old with Bone Marrow Disease
  18. Celebrating 2020’s Little Victors Graduates
  19. Couple Welcomes New Baby in Hospital Driveway
  20. Cardiac Rehab at Home Helps Patient During COVID-19 Pandemic
  21. Conquering COVID-19: Michigan Medicine’s First Patient Shares His Story
  22. How to Support Children’s Emotional, Educational Needs while Remote Learning
  23. Getting Injured, and Getting Care, During a Pandemic
  24. One Nurse’s Journey: Surviving COVID-19, Facing a Long Road to Recovery
  25. Moms on the Frontlines
  26. Mother’s Day Wishes for 2020
  27. Making Back-to-School Decisions for Families with Underlying Health Conditions
  28. Self-Isolation: New to Us, Common for Cancer Patients
  29. Treating a Broken Bone During a Pandemic
  30. Treating One of Their Own: COVID-19 Breaks Myth of Invincibility for Hospital Doctors
  31. Teen Athlete Undergoes Brain Surgery During Pandemic
  32. Waiting to Dive Back In
  33. When a Pandemic Hits, But So Does a Heart Infection
  34. ‘You’re not bulletproof’: 50-year-old COVID survivor urges caution, vaccination after nearly dying from virus
  35. For Ann Arbor Pastor Stacey Duke, and many other patients with cancer, the pandemic feels far from over