Thrive with Your Family: Parental Self-Care, COVID-19 Anxiety and Managing Screen Time

May 01, 2020 5:00 AM

Experts talk about maintaining your well-being as a parent, helping kids manage anxiety around the coronavirus and how to handle sleep regression and electronic use.


A nationally recognized panel of Michigan Medicine specialists tackle stressors, concerns and difficulties families face in the ever-changing environment of the current global pandemic. With candid conversations on parenting, the group addresses child behavior, mental health and relationships. Find all the episodes here.

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In the second installment of Thrive with Your Family, Michigan Medicine specialists cover:

  • Self-care for single parents (10:24)

  • How to help kids who are anxious about the coronavirus (21:30)

  • How to manage sleep regression in children (33:13)

  • Media use (or screen time) to keep toddlers occupied (42:28)

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