Obey These 10 ‘Sleep Commandments’ for Healthful Zzz's

March 17, 2017 7:00 AM

Following good habits before bedtime can reap big health benefits. The World Sleep Society offers simple tips to improve your nighttime routine.

Sleep affects just about every element of your life.

That’s why it’s important to get plenty of shut-eye — and to always set the stage for quality, uninterrupted sleep.

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“Good sleep — for at least seven hours per night, and longer if you are not an adult yet — can help to make you happier, healthier, smarter and more productive,” says Ronald Chervin, M.D., a professor of neurology and the director of the Sleep Disorders Center at Michigan Medicine. “Can anyone really afford not to take advantage of an opportunity like this?”

Small habits can add up to consistent, healthy sleep patterns, and these can positively affect a person’s weight, heart health, mood and memory, among other things.

In honor of Worldhttps://worldsleepday.org/ Sleep Day on March 17, the World Sleep Society offers these 10 “commandments” for successful slumber:

World Sleep Society